Gypsy jazz, Jazz manouche, french jazz

Gypsy jazz is quite simply jazz but not just any jazz: a jazz developed by Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli who knew how to bring their style to it. Characterized by the famous "pompe", this dancing guitar accompaniment which plays both the percussive role of the drums with a very marked "poum tchak" and both a harmonic role with characteristic chords (major sixths, ninths and chords like diminished). Gypsy jazz, originally played on Selmer guitars, often gives an impression of lightness through its acoustic, dynamic and joyful aspect. The best-known contemporary representatives are Bireli Lagrène, Angelo Debarre, Tchavolo and Thomas Dutronc.


Guitare jazz et jazz manouche, saxophone tenor


Chill (sometimes written chillout or chill out) encompasses several styles of music exploited in a jazzy way in the Leo Solo project. A rhythmic base that can go from a reggae, dub, Latino, jazz influence accompanied by evolving improvisations on different instruments, here saxophone and guitar. A light electronic tint is suggested by the accompanying rhythm in the project, for a relaxing atmosphere.
FKJ is a notable exponent of this style.

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Toulouse 31000

Live music

Leo Solo, guitarist and saxophonist in Toulouse, takes us to different eras thanks to the warm sound of the tenor saxophone and the gypsy jazz guitar. Multi-instrumentalist, he mixes live with a looper the different instruments to recreate a 1930s atmosphere, by interpreting joyful pieces by Django Reinhardt, a more modern chill and smooth sax atmosphere or quite simply timeless jazzy tunes. Let yourself be thrilled and enjoy the atmosphere for different types of events (wine receptions at weddings, galas, receptions, inaugurations, nursing homes, retirement homes, hospitals, etc.). Performance on Bose L1 pro.

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